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Chef 5 Minute Meals

With Chef Minute Meals, you have a quick and easy meal solution that’s portable and nutritious. From self-heating kits for emergency situations or camping, to microwaveable meals that save time and labor, our products are convenient for everyone.



Chef 2 Minute Meals

When you’re incredibly busy, it can be easy to skip meals. But with our 2-minute microwaveable meals, it’s even easier to have a quick, filling lunch or dinner.


Express Meals

Self-heating and shelf stable for more than 2 years, our Express Meals and snacks are perfect for grab-and-go convenience—and they don’t need refrigeration!


Meal Kits

Our 72-Hour and Bucket Meal Kits are perfect for preparing for the worst. With their three-year shelf life, it’s easy to stock up.


72 hour meal kit

Religious Meals

For quick meals that satisfy your religion’s food requirements, try our Kosher or Halal certified meals. They are self-heating, so you can take them anywhere!


Self-Heating Backpack Meals

Our self-heating meals don’t take up much space in your backpack, and they offer the nutrition you need when you’re on a long hike through the wilderness.