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The Company

Chef Minute Meals, Inc. (CMM) is a well-known manufacturer of prepackaged meals that are Self-Heating and Shelf-Stable. Our original product line encompassed our traditional Chef 5 Minute Meals™ and Gourmet Meal Kits for Disasters. To complement those items we’ve added our Chef 5 Express™ Entrees and includes the Chef 5 Self-Heating Meal Kits in a Bucket. CMM specializes in Self-Heating and Ready-to-Eat meals with no added preservatives or fillers, while maintaining an Extended Shelf-Life with all of our home-style meal selections. Our products require no refrigeration and/or open flame; in as little as 5 minutes you can enjoy a Hot Delicious Comfort Meal, Anytime, Anywhere!

Our Founder

The Chef Minute Meals team members all share a passion for emergency preparedness, home-style convenient food solutions, and outdoor sports. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, sharing our knowledge of mitigation planning, and preparing quality products that are both nutritious and delicious…

Barry Sendel, President and Founder of Chef Minute Meals, Inc. is one of the most innovative businessmen in America. An inventor at heart, he is always looking for creative solutions to accommodate the fast changing demands within the American Marketplace. Throughout his career Barry has found creative business solutions for problems in a variety of industries, including: Synthetics, Medical Equipment, Health and Fitness, Robotics, and Disaster Relief. Mr. Sendel’s inventions and business solutions have changed the lives of millions. In all of his endeavors one trait remains constant – Barry’s immense passion for helping people

Working for a family man with an open door policy who truly cares for his staff and the welfare of the general public, creates an enjoyable and comfortable work environment. As a team with a true leader at the helm, we are committed to the continued development of convenient meal solutions that are valued for their high quality taste and excellent nutritional content.

Treating our team with respect, rewarding for commendable work ethic, and loyalty to CMM’s quality commitment are core principals. Chef Minute Meals is fair and open in all dealings with customers, and suppliers through adherence to principles of integrity, clarity, and accountability across the board.

Making a Difference

CMM and its Management Team have a long history of supporting humanitarian relief initiatives, both nationally and globally. CMM continues to meet the unique demands placed on the Public Sector Industry through servicing the Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies; alongside accommodating the Private Sector Industry to include Independent Relief Agencies as well as Non-For-Profit Organizations. CMM has devised this distribution structure in order to provide shelf-stable, self-heating meal solutions to civilians in need and first responders aiding the community in the time of a natural disaster.

The Challenge:

Public and Private Sector Organizations rarely have the budget for advance procurement of emergency food provisions and placement in a warehouse. As a result we must be able to respond immediately in anticipation of an impending disaster or upon occurrence of a disaster; ready to provide meal provisions for at least 72 hours, possibly weeks, until long-term relief arrangements (e.g. temporary kitchens and housing) are in place and safely functioning. Historically, this has represented an immediate on-site need for millions of emergency relief meals within 24 to 48 hours’. ”A challenge.”

making a difference

A Solution:

Donate to Hand-of-Hope, a local non-for-profit organization, 501(c) (3) public charity in accordance with United Charitable Programs. Hand-of-Hope assists in addressing the problem of prepositioning meals and warehousing in large quantities, on hand for disasters. Hand-of-Hope is a unique concept that empowers every American to HELP! It enables you to take action and ensure victims of disasters have the necessary food to survive. How? You can donate blocks of inventory that CMM will warehouse for Hand-of-Hope in anticipation of an eventual disaster. Be a part of the solution!

CMM believes in saving lives by providing victims of catastrophic events such as hurricanes, winter storms, typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters with a hot delicious meal that is high in nutrients. During the time of a disaster, food is a basic necessity with an extremely high demand. Quite often there is a hindrance in completing the arrangements for temporary kitchens; we offer an immediate solution, be it in anticipation of a national disaster or in the aftermath of response and recovery. Hand-of-Hope is an organization that provides meal solutions specifically in these horrific situations; saving lives by distributing hot meals to those in need. They are First Responders when a disaster occurs, holding a significant amount of inventory from companies similar to and such as, Chef Minute Meals. Join us and lend a hand to those in need by donating to Hand-of-Hope and help save a life today!

For more information visit the Hand of Hope website at www.hand-of-hope.org.