Everyday Americans Trust Us To Make Survival Easy

No Fire, No Water, No Hassle! In just three simple steps, and in under 5 minutes, you can enjoy a piping hot, incredibly nutritious, and protein-packed meal.

Our Meals Are Packed With Real Vitamins, Minerals and Protein

Did You Know 25-Year Shelf-Life Survival Food Is Stripped of Valuable Nutrition?

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Our Meals Are Packed With Protein, Vitamins and Minerals

Before you buy any meal, simply read their ingredients. You will quickly see freeze-dried meals have chicken-flavoring, egg noodles, and preservatives. Don't believe us? Just read the ingredients of any 25-year shelf-life food product (if you can call it that). Our meals have real protein, real vitamins, and real minerals.

Read Their Nutritional Labels For Yourself Before Buying

Our Meals Are QUICK!

Even if you can find clean water and a safe place to make a fire, freeze-dried meals take over 20 minutes to prepare! In emergencies, you need quick access to food. Our meals take less than five minutes!


Our Meals Are Mobile

We've designed our meals to be ready to move when you are. If you need to get away quickly, throw your meals in a truck or a backpack. Outdoor enthusiasts trust our lightweight meals for this very reason. With our meals, you can sit in the safety and comfort of your vehicle and rejuvenate your morale and body with hot, nutritious, and delicious meals in just a few minutes.

Our Meals Are Not Expired

We were shocked to discover that survival food sold on some of the most popular websites, was selling food beyond its expiration date!

When you buy directly from us, rest-assured your meals are well-within their expiration date. We regularly audit other websites and see products (based on old packaging) that have exceeded their expiration. Buying expired food is dangerous for you and your family.

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The Dangers Of Freeze-Dried

Freeze-Dried Food requires both clean water and fire. In an emergency, you can't afford to waste precious drinking water to prepare a meal or take chances with fire where dangers such as gas leaks may exist. Our meals don't require fire or water, and our easy-to-use heating pouches are stable and safe, unlike traditional MRE's.
Ask yourself a simple question. When disaster strikes and the ground is saturated with water, what will you do?

Don't Think Calories - Think Nutrition

Our meals are not only more nutritious, but they also have less calories. Your body demands to be nourished, not fooled into thinking its full.

Think Nutrition

No Water or Fire Needed. It's Like Magic!

Freeze-dried food has its place, but it's not with short-term survival. They require fire, water (that you will need for drinking), and they take time to prepare. Our meals require no fire or water and heat like magic in minutes... plus they taste great, have real protein and precious nutrients. These are just a few reasons why the State of Florida LOVES Chef Minute Meals.

Ask Yourself One Question

Do you care about what you and your family eat? If you want the one survival meal trusted by the State of Florida and countless Americans, Chef 5 Minute Meals is the only solution for you... Plus, your kids will love the taste!

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72 Hour Meal Kits

72-Hour Meal Kits are the most flexible and affordable option for anyone who wants to be prepared when disaster hits. These meals are perfect for hurricanes, disasters, and even times when you're caught in traffic and need a hot and nutritious meal for your family.

MRE Meal Cases

MRE Meal Cases are a trusted meal solution when disaster hits. During times of disaster, there is nothing more critical than nutritious meals to help boost morale and provide the energy needed to survive any situation. Choose from our most popular opitons.

The "Kitchen Sink"

For those of you wanting something to get your family through any short-term disaster, this kit is for you. It contains everything we offer. This meal includes over 4,000 nutritious calories designed to keep you healthy.