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Medical Products

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition”  – Thomas A. Edison

Barry Sendel, President and Founder of Chef Minute Meals, Inc., an inventor at heart, was struck by the works of Thomas A. Edison, and saw an opportunity to bring his shelf-stable, self-heating meals to the medical marketplace.

Diabetes and Dietary Concerns

The meeting of nutrition, health, and technology provides healthcare facilities the ability to offer good, quality food on a flexible schedule and improve patient satisfaction. Our current line of self-heating, shelf-stable meals are low sodium, low calorie, and flavorful, and are available as standby meals for patients between meal services or after-hour cafeteria services to wards or emergency rooms.

Our regular line of Chef 5 Minute Meals also includes Kosher, Halal, and vegetarian meals for health facility requirements.

Barry Sendel is already developing specialty meals for Diabetes and related conditions.

These meals will enable diabetics to eat to their special nutritional needs in the hospitals, on the road or at home when they need a fast, hot meal.

With both diabetes and heart disease in mind he is working with several doctors on “insulin resistance” menus and nutrition which enhance the treatment for Mitochondrial disease.

Preparedness in the Medical Marketplace

All of these products would, like our other products, have no additives or preservatives and would be shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration.  They would also have  the same special self-heating technology to provide a hot meal in 5 minutes – anytime, anywhere.

These meals could be used as standby meals in medical facilities, as emergency room after-hours food for patients, or as part of a food supply for Emergency Preparedness Plans.

Chef Minute Meals has also added long term emergency drinking water –  one bottle per person per day, 20-year shelf life, bacteria free.

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