Backpack Mealkit- Beef Chili

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Dig into comfort food at its fastest and finest. Sweet, juicy tomatoes complement our mildly spiced ground beef, slow simmered with onions and hearty pinto beans. Each backpack meal kit contains one 9 oz. Entrée, Self-Heating Bag Oven with heating element & activator solution, and a Cutlery Kit including utensil, napkins, salt, pepper. Your entrée is heated in minutes with the use of our advanced proprietary self-heating oven technology.

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Product Information

Catalog Number: 856122003173
Case UPC Code: 10856122003170
Price (SRP): $7.55
Price Listed Currently on Site: $6.49
Price (Pack of 12): $59.40
Dimensions (in.): 17.5 x 12 x 5.25

Product Contents

  • One 9 oz. Meal
  • Bag Oven with Heating Pad (with our advanced heating pad technology) &
  • Activator Solution from Advanced Heating Envelope Technology & Water Activator
  • Cutlery Kit
  • Salt & pepper