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Ms. Shirley Smith spearheads Chef 5 Minute Meals’ Medical Products division.

Ms. Smith has considerable experience in the medical device and manufacturing arenas. She has held positions in sales, marketing, planning, finance, strategic alliances, operations, business development, and research and development during her 30 years in the healthcare industry.

She has also worked in product development with W.R. Grace & Co., Research and development Group in Baltimore, Maryland, and was Product Development Manager for Avitar Medical, which has developed wound and diagnostic products.

Ms. Smith was the primary consultant responsible for building, manufacturing, and gaining FDA approvals for medical grade polymers. This involved construction of plant, equipment, and operation of a seismic code 4 building in Mexico as well as approval through the Mexican EPA for handling of a class 6 toxic product.

The latest project for Ms. Smith was the development of medical sub-thermal bio-modulation laser for use in the medical industry, which treats wound care, mitochondrial diseases, and pain.

Her expertise is crucial as Chef 5 Minute Meals serves the Medical Industry.